Angels on the Other Side - Official Video (2014)

Home Again to You (2020)

Every Once in a While - with Sam Zickefoose (2020)

Only a Dream - featuring James Maddock (2020)

The Other Yesterday (1/25/17) 

with Alex Gariazzo in Biella, Italy

"I met Jono in the late 1980’s, first as a fan of his group Joey Miserable and the Worms, who were the kings of the music scene that centered around the Nightingale Bar on 2nd Ave. At their shows I would dance until I was drenched with sweat and laugh and sing along- they were master entertainers and always had the crowds eating out of their hand. When I started to sing myself, Jono was very warm and welcoming, inviting me up onstage to join them, which was such a thrill, it meant so much to be accepted by them as a fellow performer. He and I both drifted away from that Nightingale scene and only saw each other occasionally in the years after that, so I was really overjoyed to reconnect and sing this duet with him. So fitting that the video takes place in a funky little NYC music club!" - Joan Osborne 3/16/20

On the Down Low (2020)

Mixing "Red Wine in the Afternoon"

at The Kitchen Sink (2018)

Something Sweet (Manson/Donnola)

 John Popper and Duskray Troubadours (2011)

The Christian Thing - featuring Eliza Gilkyson and Terry Allen (2019)

2/21/20 - Jono on National Italian television, singing his English adaptation of Edoardo Bennato's "L'isola che non c'è" (Never Never Land)

Wildflower - Official Video (2016)

Rough and Tumble Live (2017)

Together Again - Live (2017)

Almost Home - "The Postman" (1997)

The Christian Thing - Live (2019)

"Loved Me into Loving Again" featuring Joan Osborne (2020)

Jono Manson & Edoardo Bennato 

Crippled Inside - John Lennon Cover (2020)

"Silver Moon" featuring Warren Haynes (2021)

Jono's music in an Italian car commercial!

Silver Lining (2020)

Trees (2019)

Under the Stone - Live (2008)

Red Wine in the Afternoon - Live (2009)