Angels on the Other Side - Official Video (2014)

Home Again to You (2020)

Every Once in a While - with Sam Zickefoose (2020)

Only a Dream - featuring James Maddock (2020)

Jono does a guest spot on "Guitar Jamz" (2010)

"Miss Fabulous" - Kingpin (1996)

"On the Downlow" (2023)

"Late Bloomer" featuring Eliza Gilkyson (2023)

You Didn't Have to Be So Nice (Sebastian/Boone)

Performed by: Amy Grant & Kevin Costner 

Arranged by Jono Manson

Music From "The Postman" (1997)

"I met Jono in the late 1980’s, first as a fan of his group Joey Miserable and the Worms, who were the kings of the music scene that centered around the Nightingale Bar on 2nd Ave. At their shows I would dance until I was drenched with sweat and laugh and sing along- they were master entertainers and always had the crowds eating out of their hand. When I started to sing myself, Jono was very warm and welcoming, inviting me up onstage to join them, which was such a thrill, it meant so much to be accepted by them as a fellow performer. He and I both drifted away from that Nightingale scene and only saw each other occasionally in the years after that, so I was really overjoyed to reconnect and sing this duet with him. So fitting that the video takes place in a funky little NYC music club!" - Joan Osborne 3/16/20

Mixing "Red Wine in the Afternoon"

at The Kitchen Sink (2018)

Something Sweet (Manson/Donnola)

 John Popper and Duskray Troubadours (2011)

VH1 Feature on The Jono Manson Band (1996)

The Christian Thing - featuring Eliza Gilkyson and Terry Allen (2019)

2/21/20 - Jono on National Italian television, singing his English adaptation of Edoardo Bennato's "L'isola che non c'è" (Never Never Land)

Wildflower - Official Video (2016)

Buy a Little Time (2024)

On Italian Television with Fabio Treves, John Popper and Alex Gariazzo (2009)

Rough and Tumble Live (2017)

Together Again - Live (2017)

Everything That's Old (Again is New) 2021

The Other Yesterday (1/25/17) 

with Alex Gariazzo in Biella, Italy

Coney Island Serenade (2024)

Almost Home - "The Postman" (1997)

The Christian Thing - Live (2019)

"No New Kind of Blue" featuring John Popper (2023)

"Loved Me into Loving Again" featuring Joan Osborne (2020)

Live in Concert - Feb. 21, 2020 in Casapulla, Italia

Lisa Lowell and Maureen McCrink perform a beautiful rendition of "Only a Dream" (2021)

Jono Manson & Edoardo Bennato 

Crippled Inside - John Lennon Cover (2020)

"Silver Moon" featuring Warren Haynes (2021)

Jono's music in an Italian car commercial!

At My Window (Townes Van Zandt) 2019

Silver Lining (2020)

Trees (2019)

Under the Stone - Live (2008)

"Cabin Fever" from  "Bootlegger Days" (2023)

Red Wine in the Afternoon - Live (2009)