• Trees0:00
  • Rough and Tumble0:00
  • I'm Ready0:00
  • Wildflower0:00
  • The Sea is the Same0:00
  • Footprints on the Moon0:00
  • The Slight Variations0:00
  • What Would I Not Do0:00
  • Brothers Keeper0:00
  • So The Story Goes0:00
  • When the Time is Right0:00
  • Little Bird Song0:00

  • The Christian Thing - Featuring Eliza Gilkyson and Terry Allen3:52

2014 Con Artisti/Appaloosa

"Manson, long a New York fixture, but in recent years ensconced in Santa Fe, is a four-decade veteran of rootsy rock. The Slight Variations finds him co-writing with Caline Welles (his wife) and old pals Chris Barron (Spin Doctors) and Joe Flood. With its bluesy guitar riffing, honky-tonk piano, and gospelish female backing vocals, "Rough and Tumble" recalls the Rolling Stones, except more vital than they've been in years. There are also songs of sweet tenderness (but never sappy) and some thoughtful material that elevates Variations above the roots-rock norm. One of my favorite albums of 2016." The Big Takeover - December 2016

  • Angels On The Other Side3:19
  • Honky Tonk in My Mind3:27
  • The Frame4:27
  • There's A Whole World On Fire3:23
  • Together Again3:38
  • Snowed In2:38
  • Silver Lining3:26
  • I'm Gonna Get It3:25
  • Angelica3:52
  • The Other Yesterday3:04
  • Everything To Me3:24
  • Grateful3:39

2007 Club de Musique

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"What a delicious and exquisite album - Jono Manson's 'The Slight Variations'.  Jono Manson has years of experience as a human being and as an artist rolled into a beautiful album, full of wonderful stories." The Next Gig - Holland

"Like the Louvin Brothers using reverse psychology!" Serene Dominic, Phoenix New Times

  • At My Window3:43

  • I'll Tell You What I Know2:49
  • Jr. Walker Drove the Bus3:38
  • Do You Really Think You're Going Somewhere?2:38
  • Darling3:25
  • Never Too Drunk to Funk2:37
  • Red Wine in the Afternoon4:20
  • Summertime's Almost Over3:37

Jono covers Townes Van Zandt's 
"At My Window"

"...if ever a song was ‘of its time’ it is The Christian Thing, which isn’t preachy in the slightest but a song trying to bring all sides together in our troubled times." Rocking Magpie UK

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 "Manson’s knack of delivering simple pop pleasures via a troubadour’s insight, is a rare treat in today’s crowded music environment."   Glide Magazine 9/13/16

2016 Con Artisti/Appaloosa

“With the recent release of Angels on the Other Side (his first solo release in seven years), Manson has not only showcased a stellar selection of songs from years worth of travel, experience and collaboration, he has also solidified his position as a beloved and iconic member of the local music community.” Santa Fe Reporter 

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