"Donald Rubinstein and Jono Manson click together like Voltron to form Manstein, and then they release a new album called Life is Orange, and then they play the new album and everyone freaks out all hard!”
Santa Fe Reporter

  • The Better Part of Love3:29
  • Raging Times3:16
  • If You're Out There2:38
  • Time for Lunch4:50
  • Cloak of Rain3:26
  • Life is Orange3:32
  • Sheila3:52
  • Living Proof3:59
  • Level Best3:59
  • The Whisper3:13
  • The Whisper part 23:43
  • Lions Den3:37

​“Manstein” is a collaborative project featuring acclaimed singer/songwriters Donald Rubinstein and Jono Manson. Their debut album “Life is Orange” was born out of a series of improvisational writing and recording sessions at Manson’s Kitchen Sink Studio. The result is a unique blend of their respective musical sensibilities that is unlike anything in their vast individual catalogs. The music is sparse and melodic – at once warm and engaging, quixotic and haunting.