"At the risk of resorting to cliches, it’s clear that Manson has made his masterpiece, one that ought to assure that elevated level of acclaim he so decidedly deserves." —Relix Magazine

“ It’s an instant Americana Classic, with tracks so deep in lyrical profundity and A-
List musicianship, you might even say it’s his masterpiece.”—Goldmine

"... a genuinely wonderful offering featuring blues, country, soul, funk, rock and
Americana. For my money, it's probably going to be one of the best albums of 2023 – it really is that good! —Blues Matters Magazine

Artwork: Jason Lee Denton 

Jono's latest! "Coney Island Serenade"

Photo: William Coupon 


"Bootlegger Days!!" is out:

In the winter of 2020, as the world grappled with the challenges of a pandemic lockdown, long-time friends and collaborators John Popper and Jono Manson embarked on a creative journey that led to the birth of their new LP, Bootlegger Days!!.

The album, steeped in classic Blues, R&B, and Americana, was released on Sept. 15 , 2023

Bootlegger Days!!

"Manson’s connection with Blues Traveler dates back to the inception of their career, and he has played an integral role in their musical journey. He appeared on their multi-platinum-selling album Four and was the front-man for the band High Plains Drifter, featuring Bobby Sheehan and Chan Kinchla from Blues Traveler. Manson also co-wrote and produced Popper’s side projects, including John Popper and the Duskray Troubadours (2011) and now Bootlegger Days!! (2023). Popper, in turn, contributed his talents to Manson’s Blue Rose debut, Stars Enough to Guide Me."

- 9/18/23

​"Manson attacks the high art of low-rent songcraft with a paid assassin’s precision.” - No Depression Magazine


"Stars Enough to Guide Me":

"Superb… It’s a mix of poetry and hooks that will rival any recording of this type… This is an early candidate for roots album of the year. These songs will stay with you for days, weeks, months, maybe even longer. It may become your 'go to' CD for the car and elsewhere. Everything you appreciate about roots rock n’ roll is right here."

- Glide Magazine

"Listening to Jono Manson’s 10th solo album—with its abundance of instant-grabber hooks and smartly constructed riffs, shiny melodies and warm harmonies, confident, seductive vocal performances and intelligent, relatable story lines—you have to wonder one thing. Why isn’t this guy famous? Manson has been at it for more than five decades, a denizen of the New York City club scene and beyond. His particular spin on Americana draws lines between glorious power-pop and tough-ass barroom rock, rootsy blues and twangy folk-rock...Self-produced, with all of the tunes written in whole or in part by Manson himself, the LP is full of imminently listenable music—as in, you can play it again and again without tiring of it. “Home Again to You,” the first track on Silver Moon, is Tom Petty-level hummable—the kind of upbeat tune The Lovin’ Spoonful would’ve called good-time music." 

- Relix Magazine 07/20/20