Worldly in its inception, Silver Moon is also universal in its messages, and stretch beyond Manson’s own introspection, on track “Only a Dream.” - American Songwriter Magazine 02/18/20

Love for "Silver Moon" from Italy:

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Photo: Tira Howard

Listen to the new single "Only a Dream"

​featuring James Maddock

"Manson thoughtfully penned each song on the album. For many tracks, Manson paired up with a long-time collaborator. The artistic chemistry of the co-written songs creates a unique sound for each cut while remaining in the bounds of a profoundly personal collection of songs.

The product is a 13-track album that transcends genre and incorporates those who worked with and inspired Manson along his multi-decade journey as a musician. The tracks skip from Americana to R&B then back to Roots-Rock. With the help of his superstar friends such as Joan Osborne, James Maddock, Terry Allen, Eric Schenkman, and Warren Haynes, Jono Manson has arrived as a legend at album number ten." - American Songwriter Magazine 02/01/20

Photo: Marc Millman

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“Silver Moon” is a poetic ode to transience." - American Songwriter Magazine

 "Jono has a heart full of soul, and a soul full of talent!"

- Baron Wolman (Rolling Stone's first chief photographer)

“The gravelly-voiced Manson attacks the high art of low-rent songcraft with a paid assassin’s precision.”

No Depression Magazine

Jono covers Steve Earle's "Transcendental Blues"

on compilation album to benefit Italian music festival:

Jono's new album "Silver Moon"

Coming April 10th, 2020